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Identifying Various Examples of Show Don’t Tell Writing Principles

Whether you have been writing for a long time or you’re just an amateur writer, you might have heard of the most popular rule when it comes to writing and that is to “Show Don’t Tell”. These two words may seem synonyms at first glance but once you go deeper into it, you will realize that at a certain point they differ. They will then confirm the importance of showing the actual events instead of just telling it.

You have to know the fact that when we try to tell someone about something, we tend to summarize it all the time to cut the time of storytelling. When it comes to differentiating the value of tell and show when it comes to sentence construction,you will notice how telling about the new things that you bought in 5 words and showing that you have finally purchased new things in a certain price and color will give you an idea about how do these things actually vary.

It is a significant factor that will help you develop your writing skills further since being able to determine the differences between the two will be useful when creating a certain story. To better understand how show and tell vary with each other, it is important to take note of the things from the example below from the link in this homepage to enhance what you already know.

A. A girl named Selena isn’t fond of doing the laundry

B. Each time a girl name Selena washes her clothes, she keeps on complaining and grumbling about the tasks.

C. Since Selena will be doing the laundry this time, it not new to see and hear her protesting and saying unpleasant things again.

As you can see, A tells what’s going on while B and C shows you what is happening.

When you are writing a story, you must realize that the main purpose of it is to emphasize the actuation of your characters so there is a need to make sure that you will be able to create sentences which will define what you want the characters to portray in your story. Keep in mind that you can always find additional resources that can help you in achieving your goals regarding making sure that you will evolve as a successful writer in the future.

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