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Why You Should Opt for a Reusable Menstrual Cup.

There has been a lot of awareness and goodwill to make the environment greener. One of the greatest inventions that have facilitated this is reusable menstrual cups. Not only are reusable menstrual cups good for the environment, but also are they convenient to the user.

These cups have a bell shape and their main aim is giving protection to people who are having menstruation. This cup is worn in the vagina as a tampon and sanitary pad alternative. These cups do not absorb menstrual fluids like tampons do, but they absorb such fluids. The cup is capable of holding the fluids up to a time when the user gets ready to do away with the fluids.

A reusable menstrual cup can hold fluid that is double in size of that absorbed by a tampons. You thus can wear the reusable menstrual cup more than you can wear a tampon. This makes reusable menstrual cups popular and an excellent alternative for tampons with an effect of directly enhancing women’s lifestyles.

The reusable menstrual cups are commonly used by people who travel often. They are also good for ladies who participate in athletics.
Another benefit of reusable menstrual cups is that they can either be made using latex or latex-free silicone. This is effective in making women who have sensitive skin to worry little about irritation.

Reusable menstrual cups can last for a period between 10 to 15 years. These cups are capable of catering for the owner’s vagina elasticity. The sizes of these washable menstrual cups can vary from a width of 40-45mm. Their length ranges from 46-55mm. You can get a reusable menstrual cup whose capacity is between 13-30ml. Bearing in mind that different people have different features and lengths, these cups are designed to fit almost every woman.

These cups are supposed to be rinsed between uses as someone menstruates. When you are done using a menstrual cup, it is wise to boil it thoroughly. Some cups can be purchased alongside hypoallergenic products that are meant to clean the cup. You can also choose to purchase such cleaning products from local shops.

With the above advantages of using reusable menstrual cups, it is worth having one to use. The cups are a good choice to travelling women and those who are mostly involved in sports activities. Even though you might not be a frequent traveler or a sportswoman, the reusable menstrual cups can be good for you too. These cups will help you enjoy the convenience that tampons would not give you. You will also be part of those making efforts to make the environment clean.

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